A new home for CurseForge

We’re excited to announce that CurseForge is joining the Overwolf pack!

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Welcome back, CurseForge App!

Manage mods and addons in the new dedicated CurseForge app for PC and Mac.

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CurseForge App

We’re Overwolf, nice to meet you!

Overwolf is a framework that enables 3rd party creators to build, share, and earn a living from in-game apps. We’re a team of 70 developers, techies, and geeks, with League of Legends and World of Warcraft being the most played games in the office.

What will this mean to gamers and authors?

  • What's going to happen to mods management in the Twitch client?

    Over the next few months CurseForge will transition out of the Twitch client and into a new dedicated app on Overwolf. Until then, mod management will still be available via the Twitch client.

  • How will I upload and manage my mods?

    The tools authors use to upload and manage mods will remain completely unaffected.

  • I have some ideas, who could I talk to?

    That's great, we'd love hearing them! Please share your ideas over Discord.

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We're here to listen

CurseForge is a long standing community, with gamers relying on it for over a decade. While we’re committed to making The CurseForge App the best mod manager out there, we want to tread carefully, respecting what you all know and love.

We want you to know you will always be heard.

  • For Gamers

    For Gamers

    We're asigning a dedicated team to building the CurseForge app for Windows and Mac. We'll start with everythign as-is, and gradually add features based on community feedback. Learn more

  • For Mod Authors

    For Mod Authors

    We strongly believe that creators who build awesome products used by gamers worldwide should be able to make a decent living off of their work. With that in mind we are pledging that authors will earn 50% more than what they’re making today by 2022! Learn more.

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